Welcome to the Open Text Web Solutions Usergroup association

The Open Text Web Solutions Usergroup association is a community of specialists, users and service providers which all implement products by Open Text Web Solutions. Open Text is a leading provider for business-software in the division of Enterprise Content Management (ECM).

Our user community arose from the RedDot Usergroup in the beginning of 2010. We originally focused on Web Content Management products by RedDot Solutions AG, which expanded to the Open Text Web Solutions Group.


The organisation was founded in 2002 under the name of "RedDot Usergroup association" and counts almost 100 members from many different divisions, branches and countries.

Equal numbers of users and service providers from the CMS-environment  are represented in the organisation. The association is independent of Open Text.


The Open Text Web Solutions Usergroup community meets several times a year at user conferences in numerous European countries and organizes its own  workshops with a high practical orientation.

The events are an important platform for the exchange of knowledge and experiences pertaining to all products of the Open Text Web Solutions Group.

Knowledge / Community

We promote cooperation and communication between users and the manufacturer in order to distribute Open Text technologies and to transfer know-how about Content-Management-Solutions.

Therefore we supply an online-forum for direct exchange and a knowledge based-databank with insider-know-how and Best-Practice-Examples.