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  • 20.02.2017
  • EN

rdb: Character Encoding within Navigation Manager

This week I deployed my first project using V9 of Open Text Web Solutions’ Management Server (aka RedDot CMS) – and since it comes with the new XHTML compliant Text Editor (Telerik) – I decided it was time to do away with HTML Tidy.

Once I kicked off a full site publish and checked some of the pages using the W3C Validator, I noticed that my pages were riddled with validation errors. “What the….???”

It appears that all of the navigation links across the site outputted by the Navigation Manager were not being encoded – even though I turned on character conversion within my Project Variants (using the HTML Convert Table). Instead of outputting ‘&’ – the Navigation Manager would output ‘&’ whenever it encountered an ampersand character.

Since we’ve been using HTML Tidy for quite some time now, I never encountered this issue in the past since Tidy would handle the conversions for me.

Thanks to Jens @ Open Text support in Sydney, Australia – for providing this workaround which solved the encoding problem within the Navigation Manager:


	<%!! Context:CurrentIndex.Headline !!%>


	<%!! Escape:HtmlEncode(Context:CurrentIndex.Page.Headline) !!%>

It turns out that John (aka RustyLogic) posted up the same tip on the RedDot CMS Users – Google Group some time back.. which goes to show that you don’t always need to rely on support to solve any CMS issues you may come across.