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  • 27.03.2020
  • EN

rdb: Editing draft pages by other users in SmartEdit

Your colleague is on holiday and forgot to release a press release you urgently need? You have to work on a text with multiple authors which shouldn’t get released or published by accident?

Here is a simple trick to make it possible – just add a link to an ioRedDotMode section of your template (you can use a popup window as well):

<a href="/cms/rdDialogAssignChangeUser.asp?Action=" target="popup">Change User</a>

This will give editors access to a built-in function to reassign the current editing user of a page, which is usually only available in SmartTree.

Use this at your own risk and use it wisely: There is a reason why it was originally built that way. Pulling a page out from under an editor while he is still editing that very page might cause data loss and a lot of swearing in your office. Let the edit-wars begin!