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  • 20.03.2020
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rdb: jRQL plug-ins V1.1 out with automatic setup routine

Since my rush announcement of the 12 pug-ins for admins I worked further on it and I want to share the results with you.

jRQL plug-ins

Main focus was to create a combined setup routine for all jRQL plug-ins so you can try it as easiest as possible, but without any risk.

After the initial installation you need to start an wizard to import the installed plug-ins into MS. At one step within this wizard you can choose which plug-ins you want to import and in which projects you want to enable them.

Beside the setup routine there is a tool provided to get rid of all plug-ins (disable or remove them). So your try is without any risk!

The home of jRQL is enhanced and contain now a detailed description of the jRQL plug-ins. Simply browse the Plug-ins * categories to get in touch.

These are the new provided plug-ins:

I added a tool for interactive RQL as well. For a complete list please refer to the version history.

jRQL API (Java)

The underlaying API is available in V1.1 too. I provide a pre-configured Eclipse project for download. The main changes in jRQL API is the full support of internationalised projects (UTF-8). For more details, please see the version history.

The tutorial how to use jRQL API could be found on https://jRQL.wordpress.com/ in “API *” categories. All discussed samples are contained in the Eclipse project as well.

I presented the jRQL plug-ins and API on the Usergroup Conference in Munic, Germany in Feb 2010. The jRQL presentation (German) I held show you the real power of the jRQL API. Please refer to the 3rd part of this presentation and see what I do with it at Hapag-Lloyd internally.

You can contact me via the blog if you have further questions.