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  • 14.12.2019
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OpenText™ Web Site Management (RedDot CMS) Server und Delivery (Live) Server Updates

Hallo liebe Leser,

es gibt neue Updates in der OpenText™ Knowledge Base. Hier sind die Release Notes zu der neuen Version.

Der Download erfolgt direkt über das OpenText™ Knowledge Center und für den Management (RedDot CMS) Server bzw. Delivery (Live) Server gibt es folgende Updates:

OpenText™ Web Site Management Server Release 16.7


  • Recently used projects and recently used language variants: After upgrading to OpenText Web Site Management Server Version 16.7 the lists of the recently used projects and language variants are cleared.
  • SFTP Publishing Target
    The allowed algorithms that are negotiated between Management Server and SFTP server have changed. Read SmartTree guide, chapter 3.6.2 – New SFTP publishing targets for more information, about how to change these allowed algorithms.
  • Project Variant - Conversion of project content
    With Management Server 16.7 the content of the conversion file HTMLConvertTable.txt has changed and now includes the following characters:
    & &
    < &lt;
    > &gt;
    ' &#39;
    " &quot;
    If you use a custom conversion file, please check your conversion file and add the above characters if not included. If you aren’t using one, no action is required. Important: the '&' replacement must be the first entry in the file.
  • RenderTags – Accessing linked content
    When accessing the pages linked to a structural element, via PageElement.Value or PageElement.GetLinkedContents(), there has been a change to what pages are returned.
    With Management Server 16.7, the list of pages returned matches the list of pages that the element's placeholder will render into the page.
    Therefore, pages are excluded whose appearance schedule has not yet begun or has expired. Also, page order and settings (automatic sort order, maximum number of pages, pages to skip) as well as authorization packages do apply.

New Features

  • Smart UI
    Smart UI is the modern user interface of Web Site Management. It is provided mainly to support editors and authors with the Editor or Author user role. Each user with the role Editor or Author is automatically directed to the Smart UI. Users can easily switch back to the classic SmartEdit of Management Server with the user menu in the top right corner.
    For users with other user roles, not all modules and actions are available in Smart UI, for example, the Task and Search modules.
    • The Smart UI does not support Microsoft Internet Explorer version 11. Microsoft Edge is supported, however only the Chromium-based versions (version number 80 and above).
    • The HTML tags <frameset> or <iframe> used in projects may not be rendered properly or content and structural elements cannot be edited within these HTML tags.
  • Navigation Manager
    The page sorting and the navigation sorting are merged to a single sorting of the list element, used in the navigation. The automatic sort mode of the list element has not changed and will be used for navigation, if active. The manual sorting of the navigation has priority and will overwrite the manual sorting of the list element. After the projects are updated, you will receive an email with information about which pages and list elements are affected, and for which sorting there was a change. Please check all entries in the email and make changes to the sorting settings in your project if necessary.
    • After the projects are updated, check the sort order of pages at the first-level of the navigation structure. To check and update the page order use the SmartTree action: SmartTree > Browse Navigation > Management > Edit First-Level Navigation Order
    • Windows Services - Navigation Service With Management Server 16.7, the navigation service and the server services are merged to single service named OpenText WSM Service.
  • Integration of Document and Asset Management
    The integrations OpenText Web Site Management Native Bridge for Enterprise Library (Content Server DM Interface) and OpenText Web Site Management Native Bridge for Media Management (Media Management Interface) are integrated as modules of Web Site Management Server. Use the custom setup of Management Server to install these modules.
    For an upgrade installation, see: Upgrade installation with Content Server DM interface or Media Management interface
  • Customer Feature Requests and Enhancements
    • CKEditor:
      Each user can select the preferred text editor used for DirectEdit. DirectEdit at SmartEdit supports the Editor integration API to customize the text editor. The default CKEditor configuration used the browser spell check functionality.
      See Overview guide, chapter 3.3.4 – User settings and SmartTree guide, chapter 3.1.1 – Editing settings
    • Page definition:
      Page definitions are now supported in SmartTree and content classes, elements and pages within a page definition are displayed and can be updated. Existing pages can connect to structural elements and default values can be set for the content element option list.
      See Content Class guide, 5.12.9 – Connecting pages from Clipboard, chapter 5.2.16 – Editing elements (Option List) - editing options
    • Content class type:
      Each content class requires a type and the different types of content classes are displayed in SmartTree with different icons. Automatic asynchronous action to check content classes and set the type of a content class.
      See Content Classes guide, chapter 5.5.6 – Editing settings and 5.5.3 – Updating content class types
    • Extended project variant settings for JSON:
      You can check and automatically correct content in project variants for JSON-compliance of the syntax of the published source code. There are also automatic escaping of placeholder output for use in JSON string literals.
      See SmartTree guide, chapter 3.2.1 – Creating/editing project variants
    • Convert HTML pages to PDF format:
      In Management Server, you can convert complete HTML pages to PDF format during publication. By default, Management Server uses the Winnovate PDF converter to convert HTML pages to PDF format, and it is now possible to use a different converter. The configuration for the converter is done in the main.config file. If needed, you can add or change parameters for the PDF converter. You can use a different PDF converter or even the Chrome browser if no converter is installed on the server.
      See Installation guide, chapter 2.7.14 – Configuring PDF conversion
    • New option at publication folders:
      At the publication folder you can define, which metadata (EXIF, IPTC, XMP) you want to be removed from the asset files being published.
      See SmartTree guide, chapter 3.7.1 – Creating publication folders
    • Enhanced settings for lists and containers:
      Define how many pages you want to skip at the beginning of the list or container so that these pages are not displayed. As an example, this function can be used to skip the newest articles of a teaser list. Instead, these articles can then be displayed in a different list with different layout without being displayed twice.
      See SmartTree guide, chapter 7.5.16 – Editing settings
    • Linking and appearance schedules:
      When a linking and appearance schedule is defined or changed for a page, and the schedule is valid or expired, a publication job will be created so that pages get published or unpublished immediately, if necessary.
      See SmartTree guide, chapter 7.2.19 – Linking/appearance schedules
    • Plug-ins:
      The plug-in interface supports new targets for the Smart UI and has been enhanced with a JavaScript API.
      See Server Manager guide, chapter 8.1.6 – Editing plug-ins and 8.1.9 – Using JavaScript API for plug-in dialogs
Issue Description Scope
WSM-4 Publish related pages option uses simple approach for dependencies of navigation pages. (ITSM 2533867)
WSM-12 Remove Asset Attributes on publication. (ITSM 1466921, 1618640, 4005860)
WSM-40 Request for an Indicator Icon to be Added to Navigation Tree View in SmartEdit to Highlight Pages with an Expired Appearance Schedule. (ITSM 2889301)
WSM-41 Request to Add a 'Drag and Drop' Enabled Page Reordering Functionality to the Navigation Tree in SmartEdit. (ITSM 2889292)
WSM-42 Request to Add Currently Selected Page Indicator Icon to the Navigation Tree View in SmartEdit. (ITSM 2889288, 2962737)
WSM-43 Feature Request for addition of an Unpublished Page Icon in the Navigation Tree View in SmartEdit. (ITSM 2889295)
WSM-44 Management Server - make Navigation Manager dialogs resizable. (ITSM 2261497)
WSM-45 SmartEdit: new action menu item "show page in navigation panel" / SmartEdit: neuer Menüpunkt für "Seite im Navigation Baum" anzeigen. (ITSM 1438902)
WSM-46 An option to connect a page in navigation structure before disconnecting it from the previous link. (ITSM 1679959, 1776708)
WSM-204 CUST: Enable rendertags to get a scaled image or scale an image on the fly. (ITSM 2205765, 2275995, 2634677)
WSM-218 A copied page should behave the same way as a newly created page regarding the workflow and the "Undo Page" action. (ITSM 2866672)
WSM-235 Update library used to convert HTML to PDF. (ITSM 3102325)
WSM-326 Put all (active) plug-ins in the Server Manager into the clipboard at the same time. (ITSM 3312038)
WSM-334 Kopieren von Seiten mit optionalem „Kopie von" erzeugen, anstatt immer fix einzufügen. (ITSM 3312217)
WSM-384 Management Server is presenting a standard message when a manual publishing in a project that is locked for publication is started. (ITSM 3017185)
WSM-603 Visual optimization of the "Edit page link and appearance schedule" section. (ITSM 3343040)
WSM-620 Feature Request: New Escape RenderTag JSON encoding in addition to JavaScript encoding. (ITSM 3353727)
WSM-658 Page Definitions: Allow creating default values for option lists. (ITSM 3367050)
WSM-688 Addition of explicit error messages for regex filename violations. At project settings you can specify an error message that is displayed when a user tries to upload an asset with an invalid file name. (ITSM 3372867, 3396201)
WSM-727 Executing Count method on linked contents for structural elements does not factor in appearance schedule of pages. (ITSM 3374836)
WSM-810 To retrieve from the log files the user (name or GUID) that originally started a publishing jobs. (ITSM 3396815)
WSM-848 Implement right for disabling "editor" tab in asset folder and edit actions in Asset Manager (ITSM 3402600)
WSM-849 Use the Preview Image of the ContentClass as Fallback for Teaser-Images in Linking and Appearance Schedule Dialogue. (ITSM 3413191)
WSM-1519 Extend the sort order settings for structural elements.
WSM-1520 Extend publishing job to send email notification. New option to allow users get email notification only if the publication contains errors or warnings.
WSM-2048 Ability to define page creation time as default value for standard fields of type date and datetime. (ITSM 4007993)
WSM-2054 To add a page ID to the dialog for some pages when named the same way in smart Edit for any target container that is assigned. (ITSM 4007972)
WSM-2162 Feature Request: Reference on reference within Content-Element with a limit of max 10 references as for structural elements. (ITSM 4029816)
WSM-2378 Using user specific time zones for "schedule linking and appearance" date picker. By default, the time zone of the Management Server server is used. (ITSM 4083637)
WSM-2534 Uploading assets via an element should consider the suffix settings. (ITSM 4110193)
WSM-2761 Management Server - Introduce a function designed to limit the validity of assets to be used in a project. Check the RQL documentations for a new action “checkassetexpirationdate” for more information. (ITSM 4109357)
WSM-2986 New configuration for mobile preview with updated devices.
WSM-3315 The skin of the CKEditor has changed to the modern bootstrap skin.


Deprecated features in Management Server 16.7

The following features have been deprecated in this release.:

  • The Mobile Client included with Web Site Management Server was released to support mobile web editors working with tablets. Basic web content management use cases, like editing content or workflows are supported within the mobile client. Beginning with Web Site Management 16.0 SP3 the supported features and web use cases have not been developed any further. Existing features and web use cases are still supported and will get bug fixes, but new features that are developed for future releases of Web Site Management are not supported by Mobile Client.
  • The Tempo Social integration in Delivery Server 16.0 SP3 is deprecated. Content elements Comment and Rating, and the Homepage widget Moderation require a Tempo Social integration with Delivery Server. Either the content elements Comment and Rating are removed in one of the following releases with Web Site Management, or these content elements will be released based on a new technology.

The following features have been deprecated in this release and will be removed with one of the next versions:

  • Xample project
  • OpenText eDOCS DM integration
  • OpenText Information Hub Widget
  • Microsoft Word as text editor
  • Ephox EditLive! integration
  • Content Distribution Service (CDS)


Discontinued environments in Management Server 16.7

The following environments have been discontinued in this release:

  • Oracle 11 database
  • Windows Server 2012
  • Tidy 4


Knowledge Base Article

The Knowledge Base offers a growing collection of technical articles, tips, and tricks that help you, the users and administrators, get the most from your OpenText Web Site Management.

  • WSM Management Server - How to migrate internal users to OpenText Directory Services and support a strong password policy
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  • CKEditor and image2 plugin
    Article KB9468642
  • How to display previews of PDF files in asset folder
    Article KB9222481
  • Management Server - How to integrate CKEditor plug-in html5video
    Article KB10094820
  • Management Server - How to integrate CKAwesome plug-in with CKEditor
    Article KB10164782


Fixed Issues in 16.7 (Build

Issue Description Scope
WSM-338 Management Server - meta keyword with comma in PDF project variant publication add Quotation mark("). (ITSM 3317764)
WSM-348 In Management Server SCRIPT blocks are split over multiple lines in the log viewer Message window. (ITSM 2605446)
WSM-350 Find and replace replaces URL-encoded text such as %C3%A4 in element values, should not. (ITSM 2889285)
WSM-353 Concurrency violation on date fields in IO_AFP. (ITSM 3090378, 3091055)
WSM-354 MS Edge: Times and dates are hyperlinked as if it is a clickable phone number. (ITSM 3039440)
WSM-356 The MS installer overwrites all the applications that start with "CMS" in IIS when upgrading from version 16. (ITSM 2988428)
WSM-357 Inconsistent highlighting in Template Editor for CSS. (ITSM 3023656)
WSM-358 When creating a project via ‘Administer Database Servers’ the incorrect database node is selected by default. (ITSM 2854998)
WSM-359 Template Editor AutoComplete does not work with Type CSS or JS (Maybe more types). (ITSM 3011660)
WSM-360 Ampersand in headline does not get encoded when using a customer html convert table. (ITSM 2521682)
WSM-363 Pages generated by hit lists ignore file Page file name restriction settings in case underscores are prohibited. (ITSM 2762837)
WSM-367 When copying a text element to a new content class, the "Default Text" at the source element is lost. (ITSM 3066383)
WSM-368 Render tags does not render references of structure elements. (ITSM 2312066)
WSM-371 Lang variant spell check config differentiates between language regions, should not. (ITSM 2251575)
WSM-373 Warning "A project-related cluster message without project GUID has been received." in the wsms.log file. (ITSM 3094654, 3930127, 4138877)
WSM-376 Content class versions show a message repeated multiple times in the same line. (ITSM 3090206)
WSM-383 PDF creation ignores style attributes for page breaks in head. (ITSM 2231563)
WSM-385 Page does not appear in NavMan after relink. (ITSM 2755525)
WSM-386 The same logon type for authentication on user import is also used for authentication of users when logging in. (ITSM 3003514)
WSM-388 Error in PDF project variant preview if server is only reachable via load balancer or proxy. (ITSM 3027025)
WSM-392 Info Element "Page: Date / Time of Page Building" does not save all settings. (ITSM 3042839)
WSM-396 Error message "Redirect validation encountered an empty path" has to be removed. (ITSM 3094657)
WSM-400 Shutting down process server writes lots of errors to log file without reason. (ITSM 3053243)
WSM-582 [Log, 11x] DevicePreview: TokenManager could not be found, login GUID is 0000. (ITSM 3338119)
WSM-583 Differing Results for RQL query to retrieve project categories and keywords. (ITSM 3081959)
WSM-610 Excessive error messages in wsms.log for "RQL IDENTITYSETTING action = "load"". (ITSM 3287978)
WSM-640 In dialogue screen 'Delete Element' other symbols are shown as for the same Elements in Content Classes' SmartTree. (ITSM 3326148)
WSM-645 Management Server - System.IO.FileNotFoundException: If, for example, a CSS or JS was converted to a PDF. (ITSM 3357502)
WSM-649 SmartTree Folders cannot be opened for certain WebDAV scenarios. (ITSM 3355745)
WSM-662 When switching from SmartEdit to SmartTree, not always the expected page is expanded. (ITSM 2744397)
WSM-858 Copying existing content classes creates a unique date in versioning. (ITSM 3411855)
WSM-949 'Unknown error while loading folder information' for anchor structural elements. (ITSM 3436011)
WSM-1097 Customer unable to save an LDAP search base of 410 characters. (ITSM 3744427)
WSM-1139 "Fix Duplicate Items" plugin does not fix date / time content item. (ITSM 3756402)
WSM-1262 Memory leak in Server Service. (ITSM 3765977)
WSM-1419 Management Server - RQL 16 SP3 Document missing projectlevel and serverguid attributes descriptions. (ITSM 3798754)
WSM-1493 Management Server - Content Class Headline special character encoding shows wrong in customer plugins, RQL and in Favorite Content Class. (ITSM 3809604)
WSM-1513 Update Tidy to fix - Content class HTML code being updated by Tidy causing issues on published page. (ITSM 3813882)
WSM-1551 While saving the list of plugins after changing sort order, the system hangs for a long time. (ITSM 3810099)
WSM-1552 Bug: when uploading .pdf to Asset Folder a 'Caught MagickException from Magick.NET when trying to read metadata from file ****.pdf ' warning appears in the wsms.log. (ITSM 3932132)
WSM-1617 Retrieving subfolders via the REST API throws an Exception.
WSM-1683 Update of plugin cache triggered by other servers can cause database deadlocks. (ITSM 3810099)
WSM-1686 CreateCommand failed with error: System.FormatException:Input string was not in a correct format: [CDATA[Database error occurred.]]. (ITSM 3955255)
WSM-1689 Database error: Could not initialize database access &Invalid object name 'IO_PAG_'.. (ITSM 3953943)
WSM-1694 RQL to determine favorites an incorrect result (value) for certain types. (ITSM 3808761)
WSM-1697 Cannot use the "assign plugin from clipboard" if a Server Manager user has no assigned projects. (ITSM 3930964)
WSM-1789 When assigning a keyword to a page connected to a list, the main link breaks. (ITSM 3970861)
WSM-1804 Management Server - Edit Linking and Appearance Schedule url-encode page name. (ITSM 3974369)
WSM-1806 Custom content element examples contain IE11-only race condition. (ITSM 3966637)
WSM-1852 Error message in Browser console when switching to AssetManager tab. (ITSM 3956577)
WSM-1989 Bug: Option to insert Link (URL) via Edit via form is missing when using multiple Textfields. (ITSM 3981023)
WSM-2367 BUG: No line breaks in text elements after template import. (ITSM 4033723)
WSM-2529 Page cache cannot be cleared if the error message "Failed to clear project's caches for: ..." appears. (ITSM 4116837, 4118721)
WSM-2570 Asset folder - Image element and default alt attribute is not published. (ITSM 4211695)
WSM-2666 Error when using a rendertag to retrieve an OptionList when "Other Values allowed" is enabled. (ITSM 4126094)
WSM-2689 Magick.NET crashes with access violation when GhostScript is installed. (ITSM 4104521, 3932132)
WSM-2747 Incorrect versioning option available for converted Asset folder. (ITSM 4135711)
WSM-2765 Authorization package not being inherited by new sub folders in a child project. (ITSM 4134619)
WSM-2814 Asset folder REST-API contains a BOM in the response body. (ITSM 4151689)
WSM-2995 Error deserializing JSON in / folders / {folderGuid} / assets POST endpoint. (ITSM 4170853)
WSM-3004 The RenderTag method .AltAttribute does not work with an anchor image. (ITSM 4151733)
WSM-3123 Calculation of ports not correct for DevicePreview. (ITSM 4193859)
WSM-3181 Permissions issue in authorization packages for page definitions sporadically reappears after the upgrade. (ITSM 4214702)
WSM-3303 Content Server Integration - use original file name. (ITSM 4304009)
WSM-3842 Individual thumbnail for asset in Asset Manager will not be used for attribute element thumbnail. (ITSM 4305258)


OpenText™ Web Site Management Delivery Server Release 16.7


  • For all operating systems supported by Web Site Management Delivery Server, both OpenJDK and Oracle Java are now supported. Refer to Supported Systems for more information.
  • New content REST-API (V3) to gain authorized access to project content with json or xml response formats.
  • Ability to set file name and content type for attachment-dynament in mode=embedded. ITSM 4141351
  • New inline function to convert json objects into xml structure.
    <rde-dm:attribute attribute="id:rde-html.rde-html-section" mode="read" source="rde-id" inline-function="json2xml()"/>
  • Detailed error messages for HTTP 404 error pages. For more information uncomment the placeholder <%MESSAGE%> at \wsmdsdata\var\html\page404.html
  • Allow-origin header for REST-API CORS: The system configuration entry "reddot.rest.access-control.allow-origin" allows to set multiple origins separated by “;”.
    Example: reddot.rest.access-control.allow-origin=https://docs.opentext.com;https://support.opentext.com


Knowledge Base Article

The Knowledge Base offers a growing collection of technical articles, tips, and tricks that help you, the users and administrators, get the most from your OpenText Web Site Management.

  • Delivery Server - Upgrade to Delivery Server 16 web archive
    Article KB10288467
  • Web Site Management Delivery Server - Search Analytics with Apache Solr Search Integration
    Article KB13354856


Discontinued support environments since Delivery Server 16.7

Web Site Management Delivery Server is no longer bundled with any Tomcat application server. Starting with version 16.7 of Web Site Management Delivery Server only the web archive installation is supported.

  • Application server
    • Wildfly
    • JBoss
    • IBM WebSphere
  • Database
    • Oracle 11
    • MySql 5.6
  • Operating system
    • Red Hat 6
    • Suse Enterprise Server 11
    • Windows Server 2012
  • Search Engine
    • Apache Solr 4.8 and 5.4.x


Fixed Issues in 16.7 (Build

Issue Description Scope
WSM-728 HTTP status 403 when requested via reverse proxy. (ITSM 3375561)
WSM-742 DS crash trying to delete a project from Firefox 57. (ITSM 3383111)
WSM-1020 Data length of the numbers in relation to the redundant DB structure.
WSM-1137 Delivery Server - user attribute search with redundant structure produces wrong sql. (ITSM 3408939)
WSM-1456 Delivery Server - Event Definition - "Content - after attribute update" execute before events happens if published from MS. (ITSM 3775774)
WSM-1664 Upgrade war deployment with console failed. (ITSM 3930983)
WSM-2392 Growing DB because of illegal characters. (ITSM 3942246)
WSM-2931 No Response Mime-Type in Social Identity Authentication. (ITSM 4172396)
WSM-3125 HTML Injection in Web Site Management Delivery Server Admin UI.
WSM-3124 Stored XSS in Web Site Management Delivery Server Admin UI.




Über den Autor:
Thomas Pollinger

... ist Senior Site Reliability Engineer bei der Vodafone GmbH in Düsseldorf. Seit dem Jahr 2007 betreut er zusammen mit seinen Kollegen die OpenText- (vormals RedDot-) Plattform Web Site Management für die deutsche Konzernzentrale.

Er entwickelt Erweiterungen in Form von Plug-Ins und PowerShell Skripten. Seit den Anfängen in 2001 (RedDot CMS 4.0) kennt er sich speziell mit der Arbeitweise und den Funktionen des Management Server aus.