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  • 01.02.2017
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rdb: How to show CMS authors the page status

How often do you get called by an OpenText CMS author who’s complaining:

They: My pages won’t publish! The system is broken
You: Did you release your page?
They: Oh, wait, let me check. Uhm.. Nevermind, bye..

Just use the snippet below to include the status of pages inside the CMS pages and/or content blocks. It shows the CMS user straight away if the page has been released or is waiting for release and saves hours of phone calls.

If you look closely you will see in the code above that I’ve added a class to each SPAN tag. If you use this method you can style the element and add colors or icons to show the status to your users.
Here’s a screenshot of a project where a co-worker (Hi, Angel) and I have used this

Showing the content block status to OpenText CMS authors, BOOM!

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