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  • 27.06.2017
  • EN

OpenText™ "Creating Interactive Dialog With Your Customers"

What if each customer felt that every communication with you was not only well managed, but a meaningful, interactive dialog?

What if every employee engaging with your customers could generate communications that not only inform but engage?

Imagine using your customer communications to turn documents into dialog, communications into conversations. Every touchpoint with your customer is an opportunity to engage in a meaningful and relevant exchange.

In today’s digital market place, the customer is empowered like never before. As a result businesses need to exploit every opportunity to communicate as clearly and consistently as possible across every channel and medium; whether online or offline, on paper or electronically.

Most companies have yet to exploit the potential for driving additional business through customer-facing communications. These communications, the data that feeds them, and the exchanges between a customer and a company are critical assets for strengthening relationships and fueling sales. Tailoring each customer’s correspondence with personally relevant information, informing and engaging customers with every communication, deepens the relationship.

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