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  • 21.08.2018
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OpenText™ "Managed Services Increase the Value of Your Conversion Rate Optimisation Program"

Full disclosure: I work at OpenText™ Optimost, an optimisation vendor, with a 15 year heritage in Managed Services. We believe you’ll achieve the greatest ROI from conversion rate optimisation (CRO) when you combine a testing platform with Managed Services.

As marketing spend tightens and responsibilities increase, there is more pressure to prove returns from digital marketing campaigns. Where organisations do not have dedicated resources to maximise the value of their online customer experiences, the optimisation program suffers and does not adequately address weaknesses in the conversion funnel.

A successful CRO program not only addresses the immediate successes of campaign ROI, but also improves longer-term KPIs such as customer satisfaction, retention rate and customer lifetime value.

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