• Thomas Pollinger
  • 30.06.2017
  • DE/EN

OpenText™ "Neues aus dem Knowledge Center..."

Hallo liebe Leser,
es gibt wieder „Neues“ in der OpenText™ Knowledge Base :). Dies ist eine Zusammenfassung der Artikel, nach dem Update bei OpenText auf MySupport, für das Q2/2017:
Article Number: KB5216959 *NEW*
Preview section shows a broken image when you add an SVG file format image using CKEditor

Article Number: KB5796354 *NEW*
"Failed to parse file: The PDF encryption algorithm is not supported" errors appear in the log file when using the "Update Asset Manager" action in SmartTree.​

Article Number: KB5781942 *NEW*
How can you use more than one "Active Template scripting language" in the same project?​

Article Number: KB5050798​ *NEW*
CKEditor - How to prevent the editor from inserting   in between empty p tags ()​

Article Number: KB5698968 *NEW*
A new Feature has been added: 'Create authorization for option "Replace the content classes of all pages based on this content class" and also add a confirmation dialog when this option is selected​

Article Number: KB5171327 *NEW*
Alt attribute is still showing in Edit via Form if you use an image element and check "Insert path and file name only"

Article Number: KB5355878 *NEW*
SFTP Connection no longer works after upgrading​

Article Number: KB5389747*NEW*
Database errors appear in the log files after applying Management Server 16 Service Pack 1 Hotfix 5

Article Number: KB5134399​ *NEW*
Deleted child pages are restored and re-linked to the navigation tree when submitting a page for translation

Article Number: KB4996881 *NEW*
How to install and configure a two-node cluster environment and Delivery Server on Microsoft Azure Cloud​

Article Number: KB4970314 *NEW*
Scan result "Open Redirect (10705) CWE: 601" may appear after running a vulnerability scan​

Article Number: KB4970702*NEW*
Cross-Frame Scripting for ioRd.asp?Action=ShowLoginMask appears when running a vulnerability scan

Article Number: KB5015221 *NEW*
CKEditor - How to prevent the editor from inserting   in between empty p tags ()​

Article Number: KB4932947*NEW*
"Edit Sort Order Settings" option in Action menu does not display the correct order in "page preview" or smart edit for unreleased pages​

Article Number: KB5131951 *NEW*
Using Drag-and-Drop to link pages to containers causes an "Unrecognized Guid format" error popup

Article Number: KB4954540​ *NEW*
In Server Manager, the draft project variant in the "Administer Asynchronous Processes" section displays a GUID appended on the "_" process name​

Article Number: KB5167594 *NEW*
In the "Job Reports" section under "SmartTree", a job report item is listed with no actual job name (and is displayed in an orange text colour)​

Article Number: KB5184085*NEW*
Module assignments are lost when selecting the "Import User Accounts" option in Server Manager​

Article Number: KB5095535 *NEW*
The Application Server's hard drive is filling up quickly due to multiple large ."pam" files being created in the Windows user profile "Temp" folder. This eventually renders the product inoperable.​

Article Number: KB5074299 *NEW*
Email notification that a server is not responding​

Article Number: KB4930511​ *NEW*
Authorization package option "Edit publication settings" is lacking functionality

Article Number: KB4655057 *NEW*
Telerik RadEditor - Editor window size is reduced after applying Microsoft Security Patch (KB4012204)​

Article Number: KB4997472*NEW*
Installing and configuring Delivery Server on Microsoft Azure Cloud​

Article Number: KB4066705*NEW*
Installing and configuring Management Server on Microsoft Azure Cloud​

Article Number: KB4879300*NEW*
How to modify database connection string if database authentication has changed

Article Number: KB4862582 *NEW*
"Update Users" checkbox in "Import User accounts" screen should not be ticked by default​

Article Number: ​KB4948548 *NEW*
"Rename Element" option does not rename an element when you press the Enter key​

Article Number: KB4612355​ *NEW*
"Project Variant" and "Content class Versions" column name values are not fully displayed

Article Number: KB4576872 *NEW*
RadEditor's window size is reduced in Internet Explorer 11, after applying Microsoft Security Patch (KB4012204)​

Notiz am Rande: Bitte bewertet und/oder kommentiert die Artikel, diese Form der Rückmeldung ist für die Support-Kollegen wichtig und eine Form der Wertschätzung :)

Viel Spaß beim Testen, Lesen und wie immer Stöbern ;)

Über den Autor:
Thomas Pollinger

... ist Senior Site Reliability Engineer bei der Vodafone GmbH in Düsseldorf. Seit dem Jahr 2007 betreut er zusammen mit seinen Kollegen die OpenText- (vormals RedDot-) Plattform Web Site Management für die deutsche Konzernzentrale.

Er entwickelt Erweiterungen in Form von Plug-Ins und PowerShell Skripten. Seit den Anfängen in 2001 (RedDot CMS 4.0) kennt er sich speziell mit der Arbeitweise und den Funktionen des Management Server aus.