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  • 25.07.2017
  • EN

OpenText™ "The Future of Information: The Key Disruptive Forces"

In the current Digital Revolution, organizations are facing a confluence of disruptive forces as they climb the technology adoption curve on their journeys to digital transformation.

Disintermediation is one of the top forces of change. Today’s digital disruptors are using technology to disintermediate entire industries and unseat corporate giants. New nomenclature has emerged to describe this transformational process. In the Internet Era, we talked about being “amazoned”. During the Digital Revolution, we are talking about being “ubered”.

A common thread to digital disruption is that the middleman is gone in every industry. The relationship to the buyer is direct. Insurance is direct. Movies are direct. Music is direct. The business model pioneered by magazines and publishers is now everywhere. Consumers want the choice to own the asset or have access to it. A subscription model is no longer optional, the Subscription Economy is now a mainstream part of our lives.

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