• Thomas Pollinger
  • 01.02.2017
  • DE/EN

OpenText™ Web Site Management (RedDot CMS) Server Updates

Hallo liebe Leser,

es gibt ein neue Updates in der OpenText™ Knowledge Base. Hier die Release Notes zu der neuen Version... ;)

Der Download erfolgt direkt über das OpenText™ Knowledge Center und für den Management (RedDot CMS) Server gibt es folgende Updates:

OpenText™ Web Site Management Server Release 11.2

Fixed Issues in 11.2 Service Pack 2 Hotfix 32 (Build

Issue Description Scope
WSGMS-18131 Every page that is connected with the same list with target container is published as dependent page (ITSM 2564807)
WSGMS-19410 Replace Content Class: values of standard fields (text) not carried over when replaced with text elements (ITSM 2765288)
WSGMS-19590 Strange items in Edit Navigation Order (ITSM 2848580)
WSGMS-19936 "The page could not be found" error when switching from SmartEdit to SmartTree if script is loaded via link from foreign project (ITSM 2761199)
WSGMS-19966 Assets are deleted when Content Server is offline (ITSM 2858475)


OpenText™ Web Site Management Server Release 16.0

Fixed Issues in 16.0 Service Pack 1 Hotfix 1 (Build

New Features/Changes:

  • Template Editor: deactivate autocomplete feature
  • Link to different project variant is always effective in SmartEdit And SmartTree
  • Structure elements support Hide in project structure
Issue Description Scope
WSGMS-8740 Page forwarding to structural element should not need permissions (ITSM 2442995)
WSGMS-10452 PagePreview/SmartEdit for Pages with Project Content Elements throws error #91 under different circumstances when using a headline element as project content
WSGMS-10689 Pages created with RQL get sometimes wrong flag value (ITSM 1527879)
WSGMS-13177 Imported pages get saved as draft by the user who released the pages in the source project, if submitted to workflow while importing (ITSM 1961664)
WSGMS-13319 CIM documentation: Information is missing on how page elements get referenced in XML (ITSM 1986680)
WSGMS-13902 Details in Find and Replace function only shows first hit (ITSM 2092406, 2108500, 2730227)
WSGMS-13950 Media Element properties: Remove quality unit for conversion (ITSM 2764532)
WSGMS-14172 When importing project with 'Include administration settings' option checked, users who already exist in the system don't preserve their SmartEdit start page option in the project just imported (ITSM 2168415)
WSGMS-17786 No warning dialog in Template Editor when cancel with changes
WSGMS-17787 No warning dialog in Text-Editor when cancel with changes
WSGMS-17862 Edit Properties on Global Authorization package takes 3 minutes to load the results with 94 groups assigned. (ITSM 2601002)
WSGMS-17863 Asset Manager Maintenance: Remove option "Repair converted Word documents (PDF, HTML) after importing from version 4.5 or 5.0"
WSGMS-18103 Mobile Preview config file gets overwritten
WSGMS-18104 Project Content Element (Info/StdTxt) always visible in published page (ignores option HIDE)
WSGMS-18105 Render tag <query> elements sometimes appear red in template editor
WSGMS-18106 Page Cache is not deleted when deleting the language variant, and therefore unexpected values are displayed in preview / publishing
WSGMS-18108 Project Content Element does not show hits if sort order is specified and element to sort by has been created after creation of pages
WSGMS-18110 SmartEdit: menu item "Navigation Manager" is missing at locked pages in the action menu
WSGMS-18111 RdExecute dynamically creates random paths, if configured paths can't be accessed
WSGMS-18115 Drag n Drop for files with space in the file name doesn't work
WSGMS-18131 Every page that is connected with the same list element (which has target container construct) as the published page is published as dependency which makes a long list of published pages although in customer's project they don’t seem to be related (ITSM 2564807)
WSGMS-18652 Action menu items "Release Template" and "Undo Changes" only available for non-default project variants when the variant is selected from the "Display Settings" link (accessed via "Settings" link on top navigation bar) (ITSM 2649178)
WSGMS-19074 Management Server - When we type <navigation:nextlevel and close angle bracket ">" closing tag </navigation:nextlevel> automatically appear (ITSM 2734247)
WSGMS-19183 Preassigned Structural Element references in template exports are lost on import (ITSM 2743191)
WSGMS-19327 Management Server - In render tag <htmltext> tag doesn't close automatically (ITSM 2756292)
WSGMS-19381 Unable to install when logged in as local user and entering a domain user account in the installer (ITSM 2760555)
WSGMS-19402 Management Server - Copy paste text into CKEditor/Editor unicode character should be filter (ITSM 2760061)
WSGMS-19404 Always enable image conversion quality settings (ITSM 2764532)
WSGMS-19410 Replace Content Class: values of standard fields (text) not carried over when replacing them with text elements (ASCII) (ITSM 2765288)
WSGMS-19469 Management Server - Plugins - When add plugins to "ioTreeProject4000" it removed the current option form Action menu (ITSM 2844836)
WSGMS-19473 Management Server - When Upgrade from (11.2 hf27 to 16 hf8) one major release to another project updates email notification doesn't received. (ITSM 2844805)
WSGMS-19506 SmartTree Group ordering is no longer A-Z (ITSM 2846990)
WSGMS-19561 Management Server - Hide in tree should also be supported for structure elements (ITSM 2855515)
WSGMS-19564 Cannot Upload .pdf File to Asset Manager, error "hexadecimal value 0x15, is an invalid character. Line 1, position 43" (ITSM 2854997)
WSGMS-19583 Not possible to release assigned URL after page import (ITSM 2856193)
WSGMS-19590 Strange items in Edit Navigation Order (ITSM 2848580)
WSGMS-19621 Management Server - V16 HF10 - SFTP is not getting fingerprint when try to connect with Ubuntu 16.04 LTS (ITSM 2871662)
WSGMS-19624 Management Server - Auto resize "Project Variant" and "Content class Version" column names depending on content (ITSM 2872862)
WSGMS-19644 For some assets the integration throws a NullReferenceException in method UpdateMetadata which is logged as "Updating meta-data for asset failed" (ITSM 2872754)
WSGMS-19656 Single project database update does not send an email
WSGMS-19662 Asset where database update 011.034 is failing should be logged in report (ITSM 2855949)
WSGMS-19667 Editing of Asset Attributes does not work as expected with Firefox (Version 49.0.2), the corresponding dialog opens in the background (ITSM 2871452)
WSGMS-19680 Layout broken in search module in Dutch language
WSGMS-19683 Content Element Text; Edit element properties: "Maximum number of characters" not checked before save
WSGMS-19686 Tooltip contains escaped <br/>
WSGMS-19690 Upload of defect file raises JavaScript error in asset folder
WSGMS-19691 It is possible to create authorization packages with the same name
WSGMS-19693 RenderTag GetElementByName is case sensitive with Oracle databases
WSGMS-19696 Homepage layout breaks in Czech and Greek UI language
WSGMS-19698 Broken anchor image in preview if link is not active
WSGMS-19700 Redirect to logout page does not work
WSGMS-19702 Content element of type "Delivery Server Constraint" does not take its setting for "project" into account
WSGMS-19704 Editors for page element of type "Comment" or "Rating" do not work as expected
WSGMS-19706 Edge-browser: Target can't be found for dropping assets
WSGMS-19709 Wrong Asset panel size when editing image in Search or Task module
WSGMS-19710 Ephox Editor: Functionality for inserting images and creating image links defect
WSGMS-19728 Asset folder: JS exception (not visible to user) when closing details view while saving asset is still in progress
WSGMS-19734 'Refine the Search' doesn't work for a page based on eDocs Content Element
WSGMS-19773 Mobile Client: no online help for Editors and Authors
WSGMS-19853 Mobile Client: Asset folder, Image Element and alt Attribute - input field not available
WSGMS-19859 Reporting Module cannot be disabled in Management Server and continues to make page Impression calls to Delivery Server (ITSM 2886024)
WSGMS-19863 Empty option list value causes page to remain in local change state
WSGMS-19877 Clicking radio box label activates wrong radio box in "Add Directory Service" dialog
WSGMS-19895 Preview of a page with eDocs Content Element fails
WSGMS-19901 Names of pages in the navigation page column in the Object Selection dialog displays table names
WSGMS-19936 "The page could not be found" error when switching from SmartEdit to SmartTree if script is loaded via link from foreign project (ITSM 2761199)
WSGMS-19966 Assets are deleted when Content Server is offline (ITSM 2858475)
WSGMS-19990 CIM: online help doesn't work - language id missing in path




Über den Autor:
Thomas Pollinger

... ist Senior Site Reliability Engineer bei der Vodafone GmbH in Düsseldorf. Seit dem Jahr 2007 betreut er zusammen mit seinen Kollegen die OpenText- (vormals RedDot-) Plattform Web Site Management für die deutsche Konzernzentrale.

Er entwickelt Erweiterungen in Form von Plug-Ins und PowerShell Skripten. Seit den Anfängen in 2001 (RedDot CMS 4.0) kennt er sich speziell mit der Arbeitweise und den Funktionen des Management Server aus.