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Plug-Ins: "Transfer Filenames"

Title: Transfer Filenames

Compatibility: 7.5.x


  • Although the CMS already has a function to take over filenames to all language variants, it is of no use if you want to translate the filenames to match your SEO strategy. And going through a whole project to set them by hand is a terrible job. This plugin allows you to export all filenames of a language variant to an XML file, translate them and insert them back to another language variant with just a few clicks.


  • In SmartTree

Developed by:  Frederic Hemberger 

Download: Solution Exchange GitHub

Screenshots: n/a


By Frederic Hemberger ⋅ December 11, 2009 ⋅ 

Although the CMS already includes a function to transfer the filenames of a language variant to all languages, this plugin – quite similar to the “Transfer RedDot Descriptions” plugin – takes you a step further: All filenames are exported to an XML file which then can be translated to any other language before importing them back into the CMS.

It’s not only a matter of “nicer looking” filenames, but it’s also a serious issue in a project’s SEO strategy: You can translate important keywords in your filename for better search engine rankings for each of your language variants.