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  • 23.12.2016
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rdb: Project Database Schema

If Management Server slows down over time, you may find it helpful to delete the indexes for certain tables and then create them again. This procedure is only recommended for tables whose content changes often, such as for the project tables. The tables of the IOAdministration administration database change rarely, while the tables in the IOApplication application database do not change at all.

Which project tables change can vary widely from project to project and depends on whether certain features are used, such as permissions, workflows, translation workflows, versioning, or asset versioning. You have to assume that all the tables will change when you set up a new project, however.

Data is added or changed extremely frequently in the following project tables:
 IO_PAG  Pages
 IO_PAG_<LGV>  Language-dependent pages
 IO_PGE  Page elements
 IO_VAL_<LGV>  Page element content, language-dependent
 IO_VER_<LGV>  Page versions, language-dependent
 IO_REL  Links


Changes to the following tables can be frequent when the corresponding features are used:

Asset Manager

 IO_BIN  Assets when data is saved in the database
 IO_THB  Management of all assets, including thumbnails
 IO_MCV  Versioning of assets
 IO_FAT  File attribute value


Workflow/Translation Workflow

 IO_WOS  Status of an object in the workflow
 IO_WRU  Workflow release user
 IO_TLP_<LGV>  Page status in the translation workflow
 IO_TLU  User responsible for translating a page
 IO_PFW  Page forwarding
 IO_RES  Release
 IO_PRU_<LGV>  Parallel workflow



 RD_OBJ  Versions of a page
 RD_VIF  Version information
 RD_CNT_<LGV>  Versioned content, language-dependent


Clean up live server

 IO_LSI  Images
 IO_LSL  Links
 IO_LSP  Pages



 IO_DCT_MAIN  Content for administrative notes
 IO_SEL  Option lists
 IO_SRC  Image references in text

The following project tables are rarely changed:


Content Classes

 IO_TPL  Content classes/templates
 IO_TLE  Template elements
 IO_AME  Administrative note for a template



 IO_AUT  Authorization packages
 IO_RIT  Detailed authorization


Categories and Keywords


 IO_CTG  Categories
 IO_KYW  Keywords


Workflow/Translation Workflow

 IO_WFA  Workflow action
 IO_WFL  Workflow, language dependent
 IO_WFS  Workflow state
 IO_WKF  Workflow definition
 IO_EMN  E-mail notification
 IO_TLU  User responsible for translating a page


Publication settings

 IO_EJE  E-mail notification for a publishing job
 IO_EPF  Publication folder
 IO_EPP  Path of a publication folder
 IO_EPS  Publication settings
 IO_EXJ  Publishing job
 IO_EXP  Publishing target
 IO_EXR  Publication report
 IO_EXS  Publishing package
 IO_FES  Publication settings for folders
 IO_TMT  Scheduling



 IO_PJV  Project variants
 IO_LGV  Language variants
 IO_TLV  Templates
 IO_DBA  External databases
 IO_FDR  File/content class folders
 IO_CAT  Folder attributes
 IO_FAV  Favorites[sic]
 IO_LNG  Multilingual administration information
 IO_NTG  Various temporary data
 IO_QRY  Constraint when searching for unlinked pages in SmartTree
 IO_SET  Global settings
 IO_SLA  Syllables, prefix, suffix
 IO_SQL  User-defined SQL query for external databases
 IO_STS  Sort order settings
 IO_SYS  Internal information
 IO_TRF  Queue for data transfer