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  • 21.12.2016
  • EN

rdb: RSS Feed tutorial template in PHP for RedDot CMS

One of the most requested solutions for a Open Text RedDot CMS project is a template for RSS feeds. And because many customers use PHP on their live sites it would be nice to already have it written in PHP. Hence today a solution for you based on PHP, brought to you by a German RedDot Developer. There is also a ASP version which you can find within the article rdb: Creating RSS Feed in RedDot CMS.

Download the template and before you use it please give us some feedback :)

This template is a nice piece of work from the German RedDot Developer Ingo Hillebrand, also known as shift8.de. Simply insert the guids where required or replace them with your placeholder. Links to the specific page the feed points to have been realized with a dynamic list element because RenderTags can’t reference pages within a target container setup.