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RedDot CMS Open API - A List of Common RQL Error Codes

written by Javahand on Sun, 04/18/2010 - 21:15

You can develop your own applications that are integrated with Management Server. With this in mind, we developed an application programming interface (API): RedDot Query Language (also referred to as "RQL" below). Here is a list of error codes...


Amount of modules in license key does not correspond with the license key.


License key is a test license that is no longer valid.


Wrong license key. An error has occurred during which could not be classified.


License is no longer valid.


IP address of license key does not correspond with server IP.


License is not yet valid.


License is a cluster license. (Error message no longer valid from 6.0 on)


IP address of license key not valid.


Version of license key not valid.


Doubled modules in license key.


A module of the license is not correct.


License contains illegal characters.


Check sum is not correct.


Serial number of license not correct.


Serial number of license key does not correspond with serial number of former license key.


IP of loopback adapter is not supported by this license key.


License key does not have a valid serial number.


User is already logged in.


User does not have necessary right for executing RQL. Possible reasons: LoginGUID or session key no longer valid OR session is expired.


Access to database "IoAdministration" has failed.


Asynchronous component broken.


Project locked for user or user level.


Method not allowed.


ActiveX component can't create object.


CMS server not existing.


Currently updating CMS Server or CMS databases.


LoginGUID does not correspond with user who is logged in.


Maximum of logins for a user has been reached.


There are still references on elements of the page


At least one element of the page is still a target container for a link.


Package already exists.


Attempt to delete Content Class although there are pages based on this Class.


Too many users for license. Login failed. Please try again later.


There is already such name for a user.


Could not find path to folder OR folder does not exist anymore.


File already in use in CMS.


You do not have required permissions to delete page.


Content Class could not be deleted because of existing pages based on this Class in other projects.

Source: RedDot CMS Open API -- A List of Common RQL Error Codes

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