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  • 01.02.2018
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Semaphore Enterprise Semantic Platform

Delivers Semantics to Content Management Systems

Semaphore has been integrated with a number of content management systems including OpenText Web Site Management Server (formerly RedDot CMS) and Microsoft SharePoint (2007 and 2010) to add semantic processing capabilities to these content management systems to provide:

  • Improved authoring
  • Better management, repurposing, control and disposition of content
  • A better search-navigation experience within these systems


Benefits of OpenText CMS Solution

Intelligent Taxonomy Support and Powerful Content Classification Empower OpenText Editors

The Semaphore plug-in to the OpenText Web Site Management Server (formerly RedDot CMS) ensures that the most accurate concepts from one or more taxonomies are applied to pages during page creation and editing. The Semaphore Enterprise Semantic Platform provides prompted classification and intuitive search over any taxonomy; improving the quality of the tags added and reducing user burden.

The Semaphore for OpenText Web Site Management Server plug-in is designed to:

  • Provide an easy-to-use automatic tagging and taxonomy search plug-in
  • Ensure that a distributed group of content creators and editors can easily add “tags” to a page from central authoritative source (“the taxonomy”)
  • Read an OpenText page and automatically classify it against one or more taxonomies.
  • Provide a set of libraries that can be executed from any RQL script.
  • Use OpenText best practices and all native forms, elements, and look and feel.


Introduction to Semaphore for OpenText

This short video introduces you to the features of the Semaphore plug-in for OpenText’s CMS (formerly RedDot CMS), which will make it easy for editors to add complex, taxonomy-driven metadata to their pages.

Smartlogic Semaphore is a content intelligence platform-as-a-service that combines taxonomy management, automatic content classification and ontology-driven search and navigation enhancement. This can now be connected to the OpenText CMS using a native plug-in.

The video introduces Semaphore’s integration with the OpenText content management server and demonstrates three simple mechanisms for exposing a company’s defined taxonomy and enabling content authors and editors to tag a page of content with correct, standardised terms.

The simple, user-friendly method of content classification - without the need to browse an extensive tree structure of terms in a taxonomy - in turn makes the search and retrieval of accurate information faster and easier for the end user.

View this recording to learn how to integrate your OpenText CMS with Semaphore to improve user search and retrieval.