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  • 31.10.2016
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eBook des Monats: "Digital: Disrupt or Die"

Soar Above the Competition

"EIM empowers the digital enterprise to simplify, transform, and accelerate its business in a Digital-First World."
Digital: Disrupt or Die Book

"Digital disruption” and the enterprises that embrace it are ascending to new heights of opportunity. Profitable organizations are using their digital channels, and the information contained within them, to discover new customers, enter new markets and tap new streams of revenue. Those that don’t make the shift could fall to the wayside.

One of the biggest business challenges surrounding the new way of using information, enabled by disruptive innovations, is how to effectively manage its growing volumes to optimize value and reduce risk.

The book Digital: Disrupt or Die explores information as the new currency of the digital-first world, the challenges it presents, and the relationship between products, services and Enterprise Information Management (EIM). Download a copy today for the full story on how this transformative new technology can help your company simplify processes, accelerate business and soar above the competition.

Featuring the insights of global companies, analysts, innovators and thought leaders, this must-read book outlines an essential, strategic multi-year blueprint for success.

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