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  • 30.04.2017
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eBook des Monats: The Future of Information – The Disruptive Enterprise


We are all information companies. Whether we are a bank, an insurance agency, a mining company, a manufacturer, or a technology company—all of our daily business operations depend on information in its many formats. Our information is valuable. Not only does information drive business, it is also a key differentiator that will define our competitiveness into the future.

We are in the early stages of a Digital Revolution. Disruptive technologies are changing business models in every industry. Extreme automation and extreme connectivity are forcing the enterprise to rethink its approach to customers, markets, its business network, and operations.

Although the choice is simple, the journey is not. The choice is digital or die, and the journey is a complex one. It involves the complete digitization of all processes and information, the consolidation of information across many systems, a seamlessly integrated business network, wildly exciting customer experiences, and cognitive systems that augment how we work and redefine our relationships with technology.

How will the enterprise get there?

Information lies at the core of digital transformation. In a digital world, information is the new currency and a differentiator for success. Enterprise Information Management (EIM) empowers the enterprise by maximizing the value of its information while minimizing its risk.

This whitepaper has been written to describe the OpenText view of the Digital Revolution, the impact of disruptive technologies on the enterprise, and how EIM is the transformative, digital platform of the future.

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