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eBook des Monats: How to Build Online Brand from Scratch

Welcome to the series of free eBooks for those whe are have a business, project, start up and want to know how to go online all alone and with no third-party specialists. The level of technological advancement allows you definitely to do that.

Together, we are going to find out:

how to get your brand ready to go on the web - prevent mistakes to create the marketing strategy that guarentees your business a better life.

why it is worth to build a website with no coding - if you think you should go to a web desgin agency, hire a web design or learn programming languages to create own website, I have good news for you. You shouldn't and I will show you why.

what are the essentials of digital maketing - in simple phrase, we are going to guide you through the basics of social media, SEO, email and content marketing etc.


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