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eBook des Monats: O'Reilly: Expertise in UX design + design for the IoT + data-informed design and more

Enhance your design skills with these free ebooks from experts in UX, Data, IoT, and more.

  • UX, Data, IoT, and more:

    • 2017 Design Salary Survey
      The results of O’Reilly’s second annual Design Salary Survey are in. Conducted last autumn, the anonymous online survey attracted more than 1,000 designers, UX/UI specialists, and others in the design space in 48 countries throughout the world. This in-depth report presents complete survey results, including compensation, specific roles and tasks, company size, organizational processes, and tools used.
    • Rapid Techniques for Mapping Experiences
      If you want to create solutions that really provide value, the first step is to understand your customer’s experience. Mapping those experiences is the best way to accomplish that, but while many assume that mapping requires heavy upfront research and hi-fidelity visualizations, that need not be the case. In this report, author Jim Kalbach explains how teams in your organization can co-create these diagrams in only a couple of weeks.
    • Pair Design: Better Together
      When it comes to solving thorny UX design problems, two heads are better than one. That’s the premise behind pair design, the practice of having two designers work together on each aspect of a design project. In this report, two seasoned pair-design advocates explain how this feedback relationship works and what you need to implement pair design at your company.
    • Design Frontiers: How Voice, Sound, Wearables, Sustainability, and Other Factors Will Shape Experiences
      What’s the one major hurdle in the design of wearable technologies? How do we create technologies to maximize happiness and well-being? With O’Reilly's collection of our best writing and materials, you’ll take a trip to today’s design frontier, where innovators are creating voice user interfaces, and building sustainable websites and apps that consume far less energy.
    • Designing for Mixed Reality: Blending Data, AR, and the Physical World
      In this ebook, author Kharis O’Connell guides you through the new realm of mixed reality. You’ll discover the difference between designing for arenas rather than web or mobile screen rectangles, and examine some of the supporting tools, technologies, and techniques that will enable you to make the transition.
    • Design in Venture Capital
      Has design finally arrived? Venture capital firms with multimillion-dollar portfolios have recently begun to add design partners to work with startups during their formative stages. In this ebook, Irene Au--Design Partner at Khosla Ventures--describes what this emerging role means to designers, investors, and entrepreneurs.
    • Machine Learning for Designers
      This O’Reilly ebook not only introduces you to contemporary machine learning systems, but also provides a conceptual framework to help you integrate machine-learning capabilities into your user-facing designs.
    • Designing for Product Strategy
      How do you create a truly unique digital product that has potential to disrupt the market? Or one that serves as a much better alternative to current solutions? This collection of chapters from several published and forthcoming books in the O’Reilly Design Library focuses on a project’s critical early phase, when you and your team are defining a product strategy for delivering real value to users and stakeholders alike.
    • Design Essentials
      Guiding users through an app or website without effort or confusion is a critical design skill today, and yet many UX and UI designers still lack the fundamentals necessary to pull it off. What does it take to create products people love? With this free collection of chapters, Design Essentials provides a glimpse into some of the published and forthcoming books from the O’Reilly Design Library.
    • Prototyping for Physical and Digital Products
      Prototyping is a necessary skill in all areas of design, especially for startups, entrepreneurs, in-house designers, and freelancers. Author Kathryn McElroy explains various prototyping methods, from fast and dirty to high fidelity and refined, and reveals ways to test your prototypes with users.
    • Designing for Cities
      How can today's growing cities use technology and design to improve their infrastructure, management, and quality of life? In this O'Reilly ebook, Paul McConnell and Mike Clare from Intersection review how connected services and platforms are redefining how cities function, and how people interact within them.
    • 2016 Design Salary Survey
      This past autumn, O’Reilly Media for the first time conducted an anonymous online survey of salaries of designers, UX/UI specialists, and others in the design space. This in-depth ebook presents complete survey results which demonstrate how variables such as job title, location, use of specific tools, and the types of tasks performed affect salary and other compensation. The survey attracted more than 300 designers, managers, and directors from 25 countries. Most of them work on web and mobile products or connected devices in a wide variety of industries.
    • Designing for Respect
      With this O’Reilly ebook, you’ll examine the subject of design with an ethical lens, and focus specifically on how UX, interaction, graphic, and visual product designers can affect a user’s time, mood, and trust. Author David Hindman, Interaction Design Director at Fjord San Francisco, investigates the topic of respectful design by providing examples of the challenges and frameworks to help inform considerate design solutions.
    • Designing for the Future
      Unannounced and unmarked, blocks turn up all over Ruby programs. Their use ranges from some of Ruby’s most basic structures, such as loops, to some of its most sophisticated tricks. Similar to closures or lambdas in other languages, blocks enable some of Ruby’s vaunted efficiency. Blocks even allow other people to write some of the code you use.
    • Design for Voice Interfaces
      Keyboards and input screens still work for mobile devices, but they just might disappear for some wearables and IoT devices. How viable is voice interface as an alternative? This O’Reilly ebook looks into recent advances in computing power and natural language processing (NLP), as well as the skills necessary to create intuitive, discoverable voice interfaces that users can navigate with ease.
    • Design and Business
      Learning the latest methodologies, tools, and techniques is critical for IoT design, whether you're involved in environmental monitoring, building automation, industrial equipment, remote health monitoring devices, or an array of other IoT applications. The O'Reilly Design Library provides experienced designers with the knowledge and guidance you need to build your skillset and stay current with the latest trends. This free sampler gets you started. With a collection of chapters from the library’s published and forthcoming books, you’ll discover how to evaluate design talent, interpret user pain, hold meaningful design critiques, and more.
    • User Experience Design for the Internet of Things
      Industrial design and app UI are the most visible elements of connected product design. But while they are important, they’re only part of the picture. You could create a beautiful app and a stunning piece of hardware, and users could still have a poor experience if the system components don’t work together coherently. In this ebook, UX and product consultant Claire Rowland introduces a framework for understanding the UX of consumer IoT products.
    • Designing for the Internet of Things
      Learning the latest methodologies, tools, and techniques is critical for IoT design, whether you're involved in environmental monitoring, building automation, industrial equipment, remote health monitoring devices, or an array of other IoT applications. The O'Reilly Design Library provides experienced designers with the knowledge and guidance you need to build your skillset and stay current with the latest trends.
    • Experience Design
      As a designer, you know that continuously learning about the latest methodologies, tools, and techniques is critical to your success. O’Reilly Design books provide experienced designers with the knowledge and guidance to continue to build on your skillset. Whether you're interested in designing for Internet of Things, adopting Lean UX, or understanding the principles for creating user experiences in a multi-device ecosystem, there is something in here for you.
    • Designing for Social Impact
      Designers of all stripes today are seeking social and civic projects that have a mission to serve the greater good at their core. Part of this growing trend stems from the desire to use skills for their highest potential. But the real payoff is the ability to use new design tools and approaches to help solve usability and communication issues in the social space at scale.
    • Data-Informed Product Design
      The need to understand people lies at the core of any product design, and currently there are two standard ways to measure that understanding: big datasets and small research studies--aka 'thick data.' Most organizations favor big over thick, but in doing so they miss the larger picture. In this ebook, author Pamela Pavliscak outlines a way to use data of all kinds to understand the relationship between people and technology.
    • Startup Essentials
      If you're considering a software or hardware startup venture, this collection provides valuable excerpts from four existing and forthcoming O'Reilly books on the subject. Sample chapters from Hello, Startup, Hot Seat, The Hardware Startup, and Managing Startups feature stories, case studies, and salient advice from companies and experts that have blazed trails from successful launch to market acceptance.

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