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eBook des Monats: Website Owner's Complete Guide 2-in-1: Choosing Domain & Hosting

Building a website is like building a house. You should think out well all its elements - from
ceiling to basement. Of course, it should be made of high-quality materials and look trendy
and beautiful. But you have to consider how your house will fit the surroundings, what it will
be like inside and how you will store all your stuff in it.

The same is for a website. Aside from a cool design and usability, it should also have a catchy
domain name to be easily noticed and found among millions of other websites. And you
should carefully think of storing your website well to provide users with the best experience.

In the first part of this detailed guide we will give you practical recommendations on choosing
a best-fitting domain name that will perfectly work for your brand, SEO and users. The second
part is focused on another vital topic: selecting the right hosting plan and provider to
guarantee great website performance, fast loading and zero mistakes.

Let’s get started!


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