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enthink: Taxonomy Manager

Unlock the power of your information

With Taxonomy Manager, unlock the power of your information within your OpenText Web Site Management solution (formerly RedDot) simply by applying metadata from your taxonomies or other controlled vocabularies. By providing an easy and effective way to tag your content, this product allows your organization’s knowledge to be packaged in a more consumable way.

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Key benefits include the ability to:

  • Map taxonomy to your content
  • Manage your taxonomy
  • Integrate easily with your existing taxonomy
  • Support multiple taxonomies while maintaining a global taxonomy within a single project. This flexibility allows any area of your site to have its own unique taxonomy while maintaining global taxonomy governance.
    • Increases ability to pre tag content
    • Increases speed of tagging content
    • Removes the risk of Authors tagging content with unrelated or inappropriate values, thereby eliminating errors
  • Ability to have a separate structural taxonomy to use for site structure and search
  • Develop unlimited levels of categories and keywords. Because there are no technical restrictions, Taxonomy Manager supports the most robust taxonomies.
  • Attach SEO specific keywords to your taxonomy to ultimately impact how visitors find your site and make content more searchable.
  • Password confirmation for deleting keywords. Deleting multiple keywords or facets only requires a single password confirmation thus minimizing multiple approvals.
  • Taxonomy authorizations are based on permissions of the user and the CMS element being tagged. This is based on existing authorizations with your own project.
  • Configure Taxonomy Manager not only at time of install but as your project evolves, ultimately providing you greater flexibility.
  • Create Language Specific Keywords that:
    • Allow you to have multiple languages of your taxonomy, an important component to the globalization of your web properties for Authors
    • Allow you to mask system taxonomy values with user friendly names. This provides you a semantically rich taxonomy to your external audience.
  • Report on taxonomy keyword usage informs your decision making about your site
  • Deployment has shown increases in the speed of tagging content by up to 900%

To watch a demo of Taxonomy Manager, please login to your Resource Center account. If you don't have an account, please register for an Enthink account today.

You can find out more about how SmartCal can help your organization be more successful in communicating important information by contacting Enthink at info@enthink.com.

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