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  • 29.10.2019
  • EN

OpenText™ "Better together – Digital media collaboration made simple"

Marketers, we feel your pain. You’re constantly juggling multiple projects and deadlines, working with multiple people across different departments or external agencies, and navigating complex approval processes, all while needing to deliver new creative content.

That’s why we’re excited to announce an additional, intuitive way for you to collaborate on digital content with your internal and external teams with the launch of the OpenText™ Hightail™ integration for OpenText™ Media Management (OTMM).

We took big steps to deliver greater efficiencies with the OpenText Release 16 Enhancement Pack 5 (EP5) for OTMM. Now, marketers can expect even better productivity and business agility leveraging the integration of OpenText Hightail, a secure, cloud-based SaaS solution that enables teams to easily share, collaborate on and approve large multimedia files.


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