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  • 01.03.2018
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OpenText enhancements with the rdQuery Framework – Finally RedDot CMS with less clicks!

I have been enhancing RedDot projects using custom scripts for over 8 years now.
A lot of RedDot CMS developers have a great understanding of Javascript and CSS.
So here’s my nifty little gift for you.


Fork the entire plugin including demo OpenText project from GitHub.

Screenshot #1 – All page information easily accessible

The toolbar displays details around page creator, last update, page ID and a range of SEO settings. It also allows to send an email to the current editor of the page containing basic information about the page.

Screenshot #2 – Page creation with simple template selector

With just one click (no open page / close page / select template, etc rubbish) a page can be created. This saves up to 7 clicks per page created.

Screenshot #3 – Create content blocks with one click

The same goes for content blocks, the number and type of blocks can be controlled via a simple content class.

Screenshot #4 – Content block status and delete with one click

Without opening a page block one can now see the release status and the removal of a block is a one click task. (Note: This can be deactivated of course)

The idea for this was born around 2008/2009 and Kim Dezen already had his own version published a while back. I wanted a simple to integrate option with only a few lines of code. So here it is. Free for everyone to use, make sure you share enhancements via Git.


  • OpenText v11 (can also work with 7.5, 9 and 10, just look into the source code)
  • A small change to the web.config but maybe Jian knows a better way
  • Javascript and CSS knowledge