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  • 01.10.2019
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OpenText™ "Increased automation in OpenText Media Management delivers significant benefits"

All marketers know that time is money. Whether you’re putting in a marketing request or scheduling media delivery, reducing the time it takes to complete each action can lead to significant cost and resource savings. That’s why we’ve made strategic innovations to automation in the latest release of OpenText™ Media Management (OTMM) – and that’s the topic of my third post in this four-part series.

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Innovations to automation

With OpenText Release 16 Enhancement Pack 5 (EP5), we have introduced extended functionality for Activity Management, Extended Asset Expiration, and Scheduled Media Delivery.

Activity Management
Activity Management is an automation configuration tool that will put the power of the Digital Asset Management (DAM) solution into the marketer’s hands, so they can configure and automate common marketing requests.


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