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  • 08.01.2019
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OpenText™ "Top 7 CMS software benefits for digital marketing in 2018"

Digital marketing is proven to be the most effective channel for today’s marketers – and it can deliver far more bang for your buck. This is excellent news for large organizations but also a potential headache. With so many websites, digital formats and social media channels, how do you maximize your content to deliver the highly targeted and personalized communication that your customers demand?

It begins with the correct choice of enterprise Content Management System (CMS). This blog examines the benefits that the best CMS software can deliver to your digital marketing strategy.

Let’s start with a fun paradox. Both B2B and B2C customers increasingly say that they want marketers to help them make smart decisions. Yet, research from DemandGen revealed that nine out of ten buyers say that, when they’re ready, they’ll find you.

Today’s digital savvy consumer doesn’t want – and won’t accept – the hard sell. They want regular and helpful communication that is tailored to both their individual preferences and their current stage on their own buyer’s journey. The modern Content Management System has become the foundation for this omnichannel and bi-directional communication.

Get it right and the results are extremely impressive. One marketing campaign found that the return from digital marketing was higher than for TV advertising – even though they spent almost 15 times more on TV than digital. Digital marketing gives you the chance to personalize your content and distribute it across channels at scale. The best CMS software delivers the tools and processes to facilitate true omnichannel customer experience.

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