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  • 21.11.2016
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OpenText™ | Web Site Management Alternative SEO File Name Generation Algorithm

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Web Site Management
Alternative SEO File Name Generation Algorithm

Product: Web Site Management Server
Version: 11.2 SP2 or higher
Task/Topic: Features and Functionality
Audience: Administrators, Developers
Platform: All
Object ID: 64950366
Author: n/a
Updated: November 21, 2016


  • Alternative File Name Generation Algorithm
    • Implementation
      • ICustomInterfaceDescription
      • SeoPageFilenameBase
    • How to use the implementation
    • Example
      • Compile
      • Installation
      • Usage
      • Test success
  • About OpenText


Alternative File Name Generation Algorithm Management Server 11.2 SP2 allows to choose between different file name generation algorithms. Currently available are two different algorithms, Internal and Default SEOfriendly file name. It is possible to add alternative algorithms for customers that want their own file name generation algorithm. The basic options that are available for Default SEO-friendly file name algorithm are also available for alternative algorithms specified by customers. Those options are “Maximum file name length”, “Insert Page ID”, and “Convert to lower case” for the algorithm. The option “Persist generated file names” in general publication settings is not part of the algorithm and will be evaluated after the file name has been generated. Please check the online help for additional information regarding those options.

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