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OpenText™ | Web Site Management BLOB Constraints Using the REF Variant

Application Note

BLOB Constraints Using the REF Variant

This Application Note provides steps to create a Test Project and content constraints for BLOB content types using the REF variant. The Test Project example assumes the following scenario:

  1. The problem domain states that there exists a content constraint wherein the attribute profile.level must be greater than zero (0).
  2. The content constraint in which the profile.level is greater than zero applies to an HTML page (HTML content).
  3. The HTML page is linked to a similar constrained Adobe PDF (BLOB content) file.

Product: OpenText Web Site Management Delivery Server
Version: All
Task/Topic: Administration
Audience: Administrator
Platform: N/A
Document ID: 510002
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Updated: August 14, 2009


Web Solutions Delivery Server (LiveServer) offers security mechanisms, known as content constraints, which can be configured for each piece of content in the LiveServer Repository. Content constraints take into consideration the user’s profile when accessing a piece of content. The constraint itself is configured in the familiar syntax of the Attribute DynaMent in conditional mode. If the constraint condition is not met, access is denied, which in some cases is equivalent to an HTTP 404 response from LiveServer. Content constraints are taken into consideration during Verity search. Content constraints can also be applied to binary large object (BLOB) content types.

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