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OpenText™ | Web Site Management Database Encryption with Web Site Management 16 and Microsoft SQL Server

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Database Encryption with Web Site Management 16 and Microsoft SQL Server

Product: Web Site Management
Version: 11, 16
Task/Topic: Deployment, Administration
Audience: Administrators
Platform: Microsoft SQL Server 2008, 2012, 2014
Document ID: 510014
Author: Martin Richter, Technical Product Manager


OpenText™ Web Site Management™ is a web content management system to build, run, integrate, deliver, and maintain Internet sites, intranets, and extranets. With Web Site Management, you can manage structured and unstructured content for other content consumers or channels. OpenText™ Web Site Management uses MS SQL Server or Oracle databases. This paper describes how to use the encryption features of MS SQL Server databases for Web Site Management.

OpenText™ Web Site Management supports two main techniques of securing MS SQL Server databases: Encrypted Connections and Transparent Data Encryption (TDE). With encrypted connections to the Database Engine, the communication between Web Site Management and SQL Server uses SSL encryption, known as encrypting data in transit. The way of storing the information on the database server is not affected.

Transparent Data Encryption offers encryption at file level. The SQL Server data files get encrypted, known as encrypting data at rest. Both techniques can be used simultaneously.


This document describes how to configure and use Encrypted Connections and Transparent Data Encryption (TDE) on the basis of Management Server 16, Delivery Server 16 and MS SQL Server 2014. The explanations can also be applied to Web Site Management 11 and to MS SQL Server 2008 or later...

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