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  • 24.05.2016
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OpenText™ | Web Site Management Delivery Server Search integration with Apache Solr 5.x

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WSM Delivery Server Search integration with Apache Solr 5.x

Product: Web Site Management Delivery Server
Version: 11.2 SP2 HF7+, 16
Task/Topic: Deployment, Administration
Audience: Administrators
Platform: Windows, Linux - Apache Solr 5.x
Document ID: 510013
Author: Markus Heckmann, Technical Product Manager


This document describes how to install and configure OpenText™ Web Site Management Delivery Server and Apache Solr™ as search engine.

Delivery Server is a system made up of modules that can be put together according to the particular requirements. Besides the core modules Personalization Manager and Search, you can obtain additional licenses to activate any other modules you need.

Solr is the popular enterprise search platform built on Apache Lucene™. You can use the advantage of up-to-date search technology and provide access to any unstructured text, documents, presentations, Adobe PDF files, and virtually any other file residing online. Used together with the Personalization Manager, this highly efficient search engine can even refine search results based on a user’s personalization profile...

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