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  • 14.11.2017
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OpenText™ | Web Site Management Executive Brief

Your website is no longer a website. It’s a network that connects users to information and to each other. It’s a workplace for employees and marketplace for customers. It’s a kind of chat room with ongoing conversations about your organization, your products, and your brand. Today’s website is a portal through which information flows in both directions.

Yesterday, your website was you most important outbound communication vehicle. It was how you spoke to customers–not to mention employees, partners, the media, inves- tors, and the general public. It was how you informed them about products and services, employment opportunities, technical support, corporate history. You were in control of that message. Today is a different story. People who visit your site want to interact. They want a conversation. They want to–and will–help you shape your message to the market. Welcome to business beyond Web 2.0.

In the world of disrupted challenges and new digital business processes or growing interactive customer behavior, your website is an integral part of your overall information management strategy. Until now, the website has often been regarded as a separate IT system, but organizations are realizing that web content is enterprise content. As a result, your WCM system will become the foundation for an unlimited range of content-based applications that unfetter communication while opening new business opportunities. But if that’s the vision, how do you get there? More importantly, how do you get there safely? And ultimately, how do you profit from new web-based business models?


OpenTextTM Web Site Management addresses a specific business need and an important piece of your organization’s overall digital strategy. Indeed, Web Content Management is often the important first step many organizations take on their journey toward Enterprise Content Management. And deploying
a WCM ecosystem built on OpenText web solutions provides you with a foundation on which you can confidently add functionality later to meet changing business requirements.

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Published: 14. November 2017
Source: OpenText™ Web Site Management
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