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OpenText™ | Web Site Management Installation Configuration and Usage of Remote Lock Server

Application Note

Installation Configuration and Usage of Remote Lock Server

The Remote Lock Server module is a smaller version of Delivery Server that starts only the required modules for the central server role; for example: for building a cluster, communication notifications, and handling locks. Because the Remote Lock Server is a smaller version of Delivery Server, the configuration is similar to the one
of Delivery Server. This document describes the steps required to install, configure, and use Remote Lock Server.

Product: OpenText Web Site Management Delivery Server
Version: 3.5, 10.0
Task/Topic: Administration, Customization, Deployment
Audience: Administrator
Platform: All
Document ID: 510005
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Updated: November 17, 2010


When using Delivery Server in a cluster, it requires specifying a central server that handles locking and clustering messaging, similar to cache notifications. Because the central server is a regular Delivery Server, this server handles requests, uses memory for caching, processes DynaMents, and performs rendering like other Delivery Servers in the cluster.

If the central server is not responding, the connection between the cluster and the other servers in the cluster is interrupted; afterwards, they switch to isolated mode until the central server is available. In isolated mode, the servers cannot write to the database. If the servers are no longer receiving cache notifications from the central
server, the servers operate in read-only mode and clear their caches on a regular basis.

Currently, there is no tool implemented that would detect if the central server is not responding, and there is no fallback mechanism either. Therefore, it is very critical when the central server is not responding. To maintain the central server as stable as possible, it is recommended to start the central server as a dedicated server that
does not, for example, deliver content, handle requests, clear the caches, and perform processing. This is not affected by the other functions of Delivery Server. The remote lock server is a special module that is available for this purpose.

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