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  • 14.11.2017
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OpenText™ | Web Site Management Product Overview

OpenText Web Site Management is a Web Content Management application that helps businesses and departments build, edit, and orchestrate all context- aware web-based channels. Web Site Management offers rapid project design based on web standards, ease-of-use content editing, repository access, best-in- class translation and multi-language capabilities, and personalization strategies for multichannel delivery.

Create amazing online experiences

Users expect a lot from the websites they visit. To engage with customers, suppliers, partners, and employees, businesses need to deliver amazing online experiences filled with rich content, personalization, and social features–consistently delivered for any modern device.

A company’s website is one of its most effective communication tools. As an important channel for collaboration both internally and externally, an engaging web presence is a critical component to success. But managing public websites, employee intranets, and customer or partner extranets within an evolving world of technology is challenging.

Web Site Management is a powerful website application that empowers business users to keep content fresh and relevant for all web audiences. Web Site Management can help you easily manage your globally-accessible and public websites, while adhering to your internal web initiatives, with one single solution. Leverage your existing applications and content to provide a dynamic and engaging user experience by integrating, managing, and optimizing your web content.

Web Site Management is a single solution to manage, integrate and optimize content for your communication projects. It enables you to create compelling websites. With Web Site Management you can:

  • Design online communication
  • Manage interaction
  • Publish by editorial processes and evaluation, combined with user generated content
  • Integrate managed and unmanaged content, data and applications


  • Create,maintain,anddelivera relevant, immersive, social, and accessible online experience
  • Editonlinecontenteasilywhile accessing different information sources and managing the visitor experience
  • Improvecustomerretentionand engagement and gain a competitive edge by incorporating social networking
  • Reducewebmanagementcostsfor keeping the site up to date
  • Reuse corporate messaging while adding a localized flavor to maintain brand consistency and reduce costs
  • Share information, documents, assets, and data with partners, customers, and employees securely, ensuring consistent multilingual messages across the organization on different devices
  • Reducesecurityrisksthrough personalized content delivery; protect the quality of site content and brand
  • Allow users to find relevant content easily
  • Deployeasilyandsetupquickly on-premises or in the cloud through OpenText Managed Hosting for a quick ROI
  • Use standard APIs to enhance the solution and integrate external systems

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Published: 14. November 2017
Source: OpenText™ Web Site Management
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