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  • 24.12.2019
  • EN

OpenText™ "What’s holding back operational excellence in the utility sector?"

Once upon a time, the utility industry was a relatively simple place to be. It was all about the safe and consistent generation and distribution of energy with good capacity planning, minimal outages and happy customers.

Then it all changed. Climate change happened. Infrastructure got older. Governments and industry bodies got busy with new legislation and regulation. Utility companies were faced with new energy sources, new generation methods and new competitors. And, everything got smarter: smart cities, smart grids, smart meters and even smarter customers.

Utility companies have to become smart to succeed. This starts by driving excellence through all parts of their operations – not just in terms of how well they operate and manage assets, but also how they respond to rapidly changing customer demand and market conditions. Operational excellence can deliver the cost savings, efficiency improvements and enhanced customer experience required, but only if companies can unlock the value in their information.


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