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  • 03.10.2018
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oshyn: Extending RedDot RSS feeds with Embedding Media Files

by: Pablo Bustamante

RSS feeds are a great way for your customers to reach your site whenever new content is available, but this shouldn’t be restricted to only text content, as you can now embed media elements such as video and audio, and is simple to add them to our previous RSS feed post for reddot (Simple RSS Feeds with Live Server).

First, we need to create new placeholders in each of our entries that are going to appear in the feed, we should add three things: media placeholder, info for the media size and a media type placeholder (it can be an option list with the media types). All of them should be added in the keyword import for LiveServer to be later retrieved in the result of verity.

Second, for retrieval of this information it is necessary to add/modify the following attributes in the verity query:

  • Include-mode: you need to add “metainfo” to the current values, the result can be something like this "content-info,notag;context-tags,notag;metainfo,notag".
  • Metainfo: In the values that should be extracted from the meta content you need to add the name of the attribute that was registered in reddot, something like <env>.<attribute_name>.

Once the query has changed you should test it and see the new attribute extracted in the results from the verity query.

Finally we need to render this data in our RSS feed, and there a multitude of ways in which you can include this Metadata into your feeds and this is very dependant on what the business says, a possibility is to do it in a <enclosure> tag (http://cyber.law.harvard.edu/rss/rss.html)

Source: Extending RedDot RSS Feeds with Embedding Media Files

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