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  • 03.01.2019
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Plug-Ins: "AssetFolder Example" (OotB)

Title: Asset Folder Example (OotB)

Compatibility: 16.0.2 until current release


  • This is an example which shows how you can use a plug-in within the new asset folder. The example also shows how to communicate with and control the management server using JavaScript and the new REST API.
    It comes with every installation of the management server and is located directly under the PlugIns directory.


  • It's important to keep this in mind. Then you have to create the plug-in using the RQL and TEST API. The login, for example, is done via RQL, but actions in the new asset folder are primarily done via REST.


  • In Asset Folder

Developed by: OpenText™ (OotB with 16.0.2 until current release)

Download: OpenText™ MySupport


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