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Plug-Ins: "Content Import Manager (CIM)" (OotB)

Title: Content Import Manager (OotB)

Compatibility: 11.2.x until current release


  • OpenText Web Site Management Content Import Manager (CIM) is provided as a Management Server Plug-In for importing data from data sources as HTML or XML files or Excel, Access or other databases.

  • In the Content Import Manager, you create import profiles to be used to import data from files or databases. You have to create a profile before you can start an import. A profile contains the following data:

    • Information about the data source (type, directory, connection settings)

    • Information about the import target (content class, link for the connection, keyword assignment)

    • Definitions for assigning content from the data source to elements in the created pages.

  • Profiles are saved in the CIM and can be executed at any time. To start an import, select the Import option in the CIM start menu.


  • An appropriate license for Management Server is required for installing Content Import Manager. The new license needs to include the Content Import Manager.


  • In Server Manager

Developed by: OpenText™ (OotB with 11.2.x until current release)

Download: OpenText™ MySupport


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