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  • 19.04.2017
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rdb: RedDot UI: DragSort

Sorting of Lists and Containers in RedDot can be very time consuming and is not handled very user-friendly, especially with lots of elements. This UI Extension allows easy and intuitive drag&drop-sorting in SmartEdit.

Two different methods are provided with this extension:

  1. Direct Sort: This method was introduced in the initial release. It behaves just like the Direct Edit feature in RedDot: Click the sort red dot once to activate sorting, click the save red dot to save sort order.
  2. OnLoad: This new sorting method is activated on page load, the sort order is saved directly at rearrangement of elements. Keep in mind, that this feature requires more RQL calls and is not recommended for slow servers with lots of concurrent SmartEdit users.

Two demo templates are included in the /demo sub-folder. Create a new content class in your RedDot CMS project and choose “Create template from file” to import the template.



The latest / original version can be downloaded/forked at GitHub.

About the author:

Frederic Hemberger / Freelance Web-Developer & Consultant
Focusing on JavaScript, Node.js & web front-end. Interested in web-security, software architecture, DevOps, microservices, Docker, performance, accessibility.

Note: In the near future, we will provide a revised version of this tool. Which is then adapted and tested for Release 16.