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  • 13.12.2019
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rdb: Import and export for different RedDot CMS versions

Whenever you have to export a project from a newer minor version Open Text Management Server to an older one you will get

The error email


Recipient: You
Subject: Project import completed
Content: Import aborted with errors
Attachment: A logfile which contains:

Import: Start Import : 8:00:59 PM
Import: Errors occured: -40 Database version is too high. Import canceled : 8:00:59 PM


First of all, I have to tell dear RedDot CMS: You are a hypocrite – Subject and Content are not really consitent.
However you could do two things:

  1. Update your server to the same version(which takes a lot of time and is not necessary if you just want to test)

  2. If you are on the same major version and it is just a minor version gap do this.

    Note: You might lose your warranty, so reassure with the OpenText support that this works for you. If you are only testing this should be ok.

Overwriting the IE.INI settings

Assuming here that you or your Open Text Management Server developer has an export server with RedDot CMS and the import server is RedDot CMS 
In your export folder you will find a file called IE.INI. Change the following values to your needs:

You need to change these 2 variables in the IE.INI file:

Name=7.5 -


Name=7.5 -


Works like a charme

“Name” relates to the product version, and the “Version” refers to the database schema version used.
After chaning the IE.INI your project can be imported and it should run as expected.