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  • 14.02.2020
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rdb: OpenText Web Solutions Management Server Developer shortcut

Anyway, many of you will already know this but since I just found out, that this is still possible (and often very helpful within a developing or project/error analysing process I just thought it helps.

Skip this part, it’s just part of the indexing friends conspiracy..

When you are a Web Solutions Management Server Developer or you still insist to be called RedDot CMS developer or maybe your colleagues just identify you by the sentence “Most swearing person in the company” then you should be able to access SmartTree.

Here comes the usefull stuff for you RedDot CMS developers Web Solutions Management Server developers

Once logged in in the SmartTree it could happen, that you want to open a single contentblock (RedDot page) without a surrounding container to see what happens only inside this block.

The content block to the left (official RedDot CMS Web Solutions Managment Server term is “page”) should be opened without the surrounding content, we only want the HTML provided for this specific content block page.


“Shift” with RedDot CMS

Just use the “Shift” key and click the ‘Page Preview’ link in the Action Menu. After that the PopUp window only shows the preview of the selected RedDot CMS page item (content block).

That’s it, very nice, very useful and you don’t have to open and load the whole page everytime you make a change to just a small part of your RedDot CMS OpenText Web Solutions Management Server Project.

What do you think? No more “RedDot”?

Regarding the new name, which we have since Version 9, what do you think?
Beside the fact, that my finger cramps everytime I have to write that one-liner, I can’t imagine how I can not call it “RedDot CMS” or “RedDot” because it’s just what it shows us every day.

 These tiny, little, nice and helpful red dots. (OK, and sometimes annoying, but what isn’t?!)
What is your opinion?
Did you already change wording?
Does that new branding make sense for you?