• Thomas Pollinger
  • 25.12.2019
  • EN

Release Notes: Changes in Management Server 16.0 SP 3 Hotfix 12 or higher

OpenText Web Site Management Server Version 16.0 SP3 HF12 or higher includes the following changes:

There is a fundamental change in the main.config for the ImageCache. This forces a central reset of the configuration files, due to a correction for the reported malfunction:

WSM-2529 - Page cache cannot be cleared if the error message "Failed to clear project's caches for: ..." appears.

The configuration file web.config was moved to the central main.config. To ensure that this works correctly, with the update 16 SP3/HF12 or higher, if you have installed a version smaller than 16 SP3/HF12, a complete reset of the configuration files is done by the ConfigurationTool.

This should be scheduled during the update, if you have modified many configuration files for your environment.

Über den Autor:
Thomas Pollinger

... ist Senior Site Reliability Engineer bei der Vodafone GmbH in Düsseldorf. Seit dem Jahr 2007 betreut er zusammen mit seinen Kollegen die OpenText- (vormals RedDot-) Plattform Web Site Management für die deutsche Konzernzentrale.

Er entwickelt Erweiterungen in Form von Plug-Ins und PowerShell Skripten. Seit den Anfängen in 2001 (RedDot CMS 4.0) kennt er sich speziell mit der Arbeitweise und den Funktionen des Management Server aus.