• Thomas Pollinger
  • 07.06.2019
  • EN

Release Notes: Changes in Management Server 16.0 SP 3 Hotfix 7

OpenText Web Site Management Server Version 16.0 SP3 HF7 includes the following changes:

  1. New grid view for the Asset Manager user interface.
  2. Modernized the list of image file extensions that are by default allowed to be assigned to image elements; the list is now “jpg; gif; png; svg” for new elements but remains unchanged for elements that existed before installing this hotfix.
  3. Make SFTP algorithms configurable in main.config (ITSM 3947149)
    When Management Server opens a connection to an SFTP server, both servers negotiate how the communication between them shall be encrypted, before transferring data. This is typical for SFTP connections in general.
    By default, Management Server offers all modes of encryption to the SFTP server that it is capable of, to ensure maximum compatibility with all types of SFTP server software. In some cases, server administrators might want to restrict what encryption is offered to the SFTP server, either to harden security or to work around compatibility issues.
    To restrict the algorithms:
    1. Go to the <Management Server_installdir>\ASP\ folder.
    2. Open the main.config file in a text editor.
    3. Go to the section:
      Restrict the algorithms as needed.

The possible values can always be found in the main.config.sample file. If you select the option “Overwrite configuration files” when running the Configuration Utility, the values will also be copied over to the main.config file. Otherwise, you can copy them manually from the sample file.

  1. RQL statement to retrieve the URLs of the published page (ITSM 2934741)
    This RQL can be used to load information about how and where a page was published. The information returned by this RQL query is only stored while the live server cleaner feature is enabled. Therefore, as a requirement, live server cleaning must have had been active at the time the page for which data is being requested was published. To load the information, one of the attributes pageguid, pageid, entryid, or filename needs to be included in the request, together with a valid value. The RQL is restricted to only one of those above attributes per request. Additionally, it is possible to further restrict the result by specifying a language and/or project variant.

Über den Autor:
Thomas Pollinger

... ist Senior Site Reliability Engineer bei der Vodafone GmbH in Düsseldorf. Seit dem Jahr 2007 betreut er zusammen mit seinen Kollegen die OpenText- (vormals RedDot-) Plattform Web Site Management für die deutsche Konzernzentrale.

Er entwickelt Erweiterungen in Form von Plug-Ins und PowerShell Skripten. Seit den Anfängen in 2001 (RedDot CMS 4.0) kennt er sich speziell mit der Arbeitweise und den Funktionen des Management Server aus.