• Thomas Pollinger
  • 24.05.2019
  • EN

Release Notes: Changes in Management Server 16.0 SP3

OpenText Web Site Management Server Version 16 SP3 includes the following changes:

  1. Support of the FILESTREAM feature of SQL Server for Asset folder only. The FILESTREAM feature of SQL Server allows storing assets on NTFS filesystems separate from the database to reduce costs and improves performance when working with assets that have large file sizes.
  2. For folders of type Asset folder, a data format can now be chosen for each attribute. The following data types are available:
    1. Text. Standard text format, this is the default.
    2. Date. Attributes of the date format can be easily edited with a date picker in the Asset folder user interface.
    3. Date and time. Similar to the date format, but instead of a date picker, a date and time picker appears, and time information is stored in addition to the date.

In Asset folders you can choose to limit the search results to assets that have a date or date and time attribute set to a certain date or date range.

  1. New publishing job - Publish all modified and related pages - that will publish all pages of the project that were affected by changes since the last time this job had been run. Only one publication job of this type can exist at a time. After one job has been created and while it exists, the option is disabled when creating or editing publication jobs. See Known issues for limitations. The following fixed issues are related to this:
    1. In Management Server ver 11.2.2 when publishing a single page, with 'Publish Related Pages' checked it finds close to 400 'More than 100 affected pages found for <GUID>' and it publishes over 5,000 files (ITSM 2981524)
    2. Publishing with related pages results in hundreds of seemingly unrelated pages being published (ITSM 3077516)
  2. For the Conditional workflow reaction, a new condition criterion Page exists in is added. This criterion checks if a page exists in one specific language variant of the project.
  3. The 3rd party library ImageMagick used by Management Server is updated to version 7.0.x, see Known issues for important changes.
  4. Web Compliance Integration requires HTTPS communication by default. With Management Server 16.0 SP3 it is recommended to use a secure HTTPS communication with the Web Compliance integration.

Über den Autor:
Thomas Pollinger

... ist Senior Site Reliability Engineer bei der Vodafone GmbH in Düsseldorf. Seit dem Jahr 2007 betreut er zusammen mit seinen Kollegen die OpenText- (vormals RedDot-) Plattform Web Site Management für die deutsche Konzernzentrale.

Er entwickelt Erweiterungen in Form von Plug-Ins und PowerShell Skripten. Seit den Anfängen in 2001 (RedDot CMS 4.0) kennt er sich speziell mit der Arbeitweise und den Funktionen des Management Server aus.