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RustyLogic RedDotNet Library

written by Markus Giesen, 18. June 2008

Free RedDot .NET Wrapper published by John Allen

Woohoo! What a pleasure! A few days ago I was talking to John Allen, RedDot Webmaster and .Net developer working for and managing the RedDot based website of the Slough Borough Council.
He told me of his RedDot .Net wrapper and I am happy to announce, that he decided to publish it and share in the RedDot Google Group.

Use the direct link below or download it from my site. Of course don’t forget, that John says, this nice tool comes without any warranty, so use it at you own risk!

But I suggest use it, test it, share it!

And if you develop something based on that wrapper then talk about it and publish it. I think some RedDot Partners still didn’t get in touch with this technology and I’m sure that you will use it for making your RedDot project better, speed things up and/or make things easier for your RedDot editors.

Thanks John!

Downloads: rustylogic_20080618.ziprustylogic_20090213.zip

GitHub: /RustyLogic

Original Source: RustyLogic

Source: Free RedDot .NET Wrapper published by John Allen

© copyright 2008 by Markus Giesen