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  • 03.08.2018
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Schon gewusst? "Changes to RQL Queries in Release 16 Service Pack 2"

With every release of Management Server, some RQL queries change, new queries are added, and some queries are no longer used. On this page, you can find the changes for Release 16 (Service Pack 2), including the following:

  • RQL queries that are covered here for the first time
  • RQL queries that have changed
  • RQL queries that are no longer compatible with earlier releases

This list gives you an overview of the changes from one release to the next:

RQL Documentation Changed For Software Version 16.0 SP2

New RQLs in the documentation for version 16.0 SP2

  • AUTHORIZATION, action: addnew (add new authorization package for page definitions).
  • ADMINISTRATION, action: executerepairrequest (RQL to repair a functionality in Management Server that is specified by a certain action).
  • EXPORTFOLDER, action: copy (copy an existing publication folder into another).
  • EXPORTFOLDER, action: move (move an existing publication folder into another).
  • FOLDER, action: updatepublishedfilenames (Update file names for publishing of Asset folder assets).
  • SQL, action: load (Load Database Queries).

RQLs which have been changed with version 16.0 SP2 and are compatible with earlier versions

  • Authorization Flag Values for Structural Elements (contains new flag 'Reference page from other project').
  • PROJECT, Determining Project Data (new attributes 'useanyserver' and 'usealternativeserver').
  • WEBCOMPLIANCE, VALIDATE action: load (new attribute in response).
  • WEBCOMPLIANCE, VALIDATE action: save (new attribute to save).
  • PROJECTVARIANTS action: listall (Listing Language and Project Variants).
  • PLUGIN, action: addnew (new attribute 'keepopen').
  • PLUGIN, action: load (new attribute 'keepopen' in response).
  • PLUGIN, action: save (new attribute 'keepopen').
  • TEMPLATELIST, action: load (new attributes 'ismasterpage' and 'navigationlist').
  • TEMPLATE, action: load (new attributes 'ismasterpage','navigationlist' and 'smarteditvisible').
  • TEMPLATE (other ex.), action: load (new attributes 'ismasterpage' and 'navigationlist').
  • TEMPLATES, action: list (new attributes 'ismasterpage' and 'navigationlist').
  • TEMPLATES, action: list (Saved as Draft) (new attributes 'ismasterpage' and 'navigationlist').
  • LINK, action: assign / PAGE action: copy (Removed emailsubject for e-mail notification).
  • PAGE, (Extended) Page Search.
  • AUTHORIZATION, action: load (Add new flag value (page definition) for authorization package flag).
  • USER, action: load (new attribute 'viewtypecontentclasses').
  • USER, action: save (new attribute 'viewtypecontentclasses').
  • USER, action: addnew (new attribute 'viewtypecontentclasses').
  • FOLDER; Determining Folder Information.
  • AUTHORIZATION FOLDER, action: addnew (new attribute 'donotinherit').
  • AUTHORIZATION FOLDER, action: save (new attribute 'donotinherit').
  • FILES, action: import (Support for foldertype 'Asset').
  • SETTINGS, action: save (new attributes 'filenameuniqueinlanguage' and 'publicationpackageinheritance').
  • SETTINGS, action: load (new attributes 'filenameuniqueinlanguage' and 'publicationpackageinheritance').

RQLs which have been changed with version 16.0 SP2 and are not compatible with earlier versions

  • N/A

RQLs which have been removed with version 16.0 SP2 and are not supported anymore

  • PLUGINS, action: import.

The latest RQL documentation is available at the OpenText™ Knowledge Center. You can find it at the OpenText™ Developer Network section as a download.

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