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Simply RedDot: "CMS/WSM/MS won't accept a license key"

written by Jian Huang, 25. August 2014

If CMS doesn’t accept a key that is supposed to be working, you might want to update the database settings manually.

  1. Logon to the Database and navigate to Databases -> IoAdministration -> Tables -> dbo.IO_CMP.
  2. Right click and choose open table.
  3. Make sure that there is the correct server name or the IP address of the CMS server is in the column CMP2. CMP1 is the connection name and you may change this as well. The proper license key should be entered in the column CMP6.

Credit goes to the Anjam for remembering this and David Vogt for writing it down.

Source: CMS/WSM/MS won't accept a license key

© copyright 2014 by Jian Huang