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Timothy Davis: Mobile First – Mobile Inspired Editing for WSM

written by Timothy Davis, 27. March 2014


It’s arrived and there have been enablement webinars (available on KC 11.2 releaseMobile Editing Deep Dive) on this new editor experience. The feedback I and others hear from demonstrations are that many feel this is a better approach for editors. Frank Steffen mentioned on the latest call the features are growing for this mobile editor and supported browsers expanding past Chrome for desktop.

Are you using this yet? Do you need a demonstration?

Pairing this with a Responsive Web Design refresh will make your editors and end users on mobile devices happy. We’ve retrofitted a few existing sites with the new Xample project, the OpenText Services RWD Prebuilt Project and similar designs in less than 30 days. If you want OT to do this for you or just give you a kick start reach out.

About Tim

I'm Tim Davis. My primary professional interests are web, web content, and mobile. Currently I lead services team centered around OpenText Web Site Management (FKA: RedDot) for the Americas.

Source: Mobile First – Mobile Inspired Editing for WSM

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