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Timothy Davis: OpenText WSM and Wave Together

written by Timothy Davis, 21. August 2012

What follows is a simple recipe for creating an OpenText Wave Application filled with content from OpenText Web Site Management.

1 existing WSM Project with Articles Content Class, you may have 1 to many available
1 existing Wave Application Template with NewsList and NewStory XML Consumer

Take WSM Project:


Add Articles Variant to convert HTML to text for native applications:


Here’s a view of the template, not much needed:


Publish that out.

This Delivery Server project already had target DynaMent’s delivering personalized news:


Made a minor change to the target DynaMent to use the variant content:


Some minor tweaks were needed.  Then pointing the URL for the NewsList template to WSM Delivery Server and this is the resulting application:



Cross Platform Native Applications (iOS, Android, Blackberry providing content reuse in a different channel

Next steps:

  1. Clean up the content for the application a bit.
  2. Examine sharing sample configuration (DS Transport Package, MS Content Class Template export& Documentation) to SolEx. This took about 2 days effort scattered in amongst other tasks, having a sample configuration will dramatically cut development time.

About Tim

I'm Tim Davis. My primary professional interests are web, web content, and mobile. Currently I lead services team centered around OpenText Web Site Management (FKA: RedDot) for the Americas.

Source: OpenText WSM and Wave Together

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