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WSM blog: Custom RenderTags API documentation finished

written by Dennis Reil, 13. March 2013

The documentation of the custom RenderTags API has been finished in the OpenText developer network community.
You can have a look here: http://tinyurl.com/OTDN-WSM

The documentation now contains details step by step samples for 

  • Custom render spots:
    • Global constants render spot
  • Custom provider:
    • Global constants page / Global constants provider
  • Custom RenderTags:
    • Reformatting comma separated lists as XML
    • Page state information

In addition, the documentation contains information about general problems like:

  • How to cache information within customizations?
  • How to execute RQLs within customizations?
  • How to log information within customizations?
  • Where to put configuration data for customizations?

I'm curious to see the first customizations getting implemented. Let me know if there's something missing in the documentation or if you would like to see some additional examples.

Source: Custom RenderTags API documentation finished

© copyright 2013 by Dennis Reil